Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vacation Trips To Yogya

Yogyakarta is tourism destination that many local and foreign visitors desire to visit. But, if you plan to go to Yogyakarta there is few guides to make your trip more comfortable.

  1. When you visit Malioboro Street, be carefull with your wallet or jewelry to prevent crime. Keep your wallet in the safe place, such as in your bag.

  1. When you just inside Borobudur, Kraton, and others object, as usual, you will chased by salesman with different thing to sale. If you not interested to buy, don’t try to negotiate the price. It will better if you just leave it nicely and ignore it.

  1. If sometime you crowded by beggars, street musician, street children, it better to leave them like that than you give them money.

  1. Especially inside of the Kraton (Palace), you not allowed to smoke and use an unmoral clothes.

  1. When you want to enjoy Yogyakarta with pedicab, it will better for you not to seat first, ask the price before that. If you feel its expensive, try to negotiate.

  1. If you want to enjoy a without chairs restaurant, better ask the price first, coz there is some seller who said the higher price to the visitor.

Enjoy your trip!

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