Thursday, November 22, 2007


today, i realize that make a good blog with a good Google Adsense earning is hard for the people outside English mother tongue region. Because of my English ability that not better yet, i copied the blog content from other blog.

But, i am really not agree with Google adsense policy, to put ads only in the English blog. whats the problem with the other language? Or this is the image that Economics life and specially Internet is just belong to several nations? You can answer it by yourself. For now, i am as the biggest democratic country in the world's citizen will struggle to fight against my inability to make a good content in English. Just wait for it!

The most from The writer must be a good problogger. Because his content was very-very helpfull and easy to understand.

Honestly, i am afraid that i cannot make a good visitor rate because i can't make a good content at this time. By the way, i want to say thanks to for your anger. beacuse of that, now i will learn English, and i hope it will better and better everyday, so we can compete fairly for the content.

once again, thanx doshdosh

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