Friday, November 30, 2007


The simple definition of migraineis a partial headache. There is pain throbbing in your head, specifically in the temples, forehead or eyes. Afterwards, the pain will influence other parts of our body, such as queasy, swollen face, blurred vision, feeling cold in our hands or feet. But not every headache is a migraine. And sometimes partial headache is sign of other illness or disease. Examples: sinusitis, toothache, or even a gastritis. They who use eyeglasses will feel migraine when the time to change their eyeglasses come.  

The causal factor of migraine has not yet detected. But some medical records shown that migraine can happened in all age. Women are more often than men. And, half of migraine case has a migraine family history.
Here some tips to reduce the pain of migraine
1. Take a rest
Find some quiet place, far from crowd and calm yourself there.
2. Compress your head with a cold compress.
Cold may help to constrict the blood line.
3. Stay away from migraine’s causal factor
Such as caffein, alcohol.
4. Warm your neck
5. Drink a pain killer drug
Maybe a little analgesyc and antipyretic. The best is the drug from your doctor prescription.

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