Thursday, November 22, 2007


"Go to hell with your double standard's democracy!!!"

Its all I want to say when I read todays newspaper.
Finally, Supreme Commander of TNI, Mr Djoko Suyanto said that government will move the military equipment supplier from America and Britain to East Europe, Africa, and East Asia countries. He said in Surabaya yesterday.

TNI, he said, don't want to focus only in one country. So, the military force not depend on that country only. In the past, military weapon system supplied by one country, its USA. The impact was not good when they use their arrogancy and stop the supply. Because, as we know, all over the world know. US still learn to be a democratic country, and it was very risk for Indonesia. A new democratic country like US will pass a lot of inconsistency before they mature like Indonesia or India.

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