Thursday, November 22, 2007

PADI : The Most Wanted Band in Asia

THE MOST WANTED BAND EVER! I don't know if that repetition still is or not, but maybe PADI is one of the most wanted Band for Asia. The Sobat Padi (the name for PADI's lover group) still waiting for the PADI's next album. Because, after recent successfull stories with their love albums, now the band memberred by Piyu (guitar), Rindra (bass), Ari (guitar), Fadly (vocal), and Yoyo (drum) somehow disappeared behind other good bands. Is that true?

Of course not. Eventhough they looks like standing still, they focuse in preparation for new album material which will release the next few days. Their new album with red cover titled 'TAK HANYA DIAM' which taken from one of the song in their last album titled 'PADI'.

The album which reported as not talking just about love, but also filled with social massages gift away a single titled 'SANG PENGHIBUR' which will release to the radio on Saturday, November 10, 2007. Is PADI still the mos wanted band in Asia?

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