Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Battle Between Blitz Megaplex vs 21 Cineplex

Blitz Megaplex Theatre's Networks established less than a year ago, but it invite many movie lovers to come. 21 Cineplex, the king of theatre business in Indonesia disturbed and don't want to stay still. How is their competition?

Blitz Megaplex
  1. Yet, just 2 complex, in Bandung and Jakarta
  2. Cafe facility, game area, 12 LCD screen for movie trailer, Blitz Beat Store that sale accessories and souvenir, 13 desktop for MP3 download, 9 food outlet, multimedia, smoking room, business center (fax, internet, and printer), 10 counter for ticket's transaction and have 10 large screen.
  3. Screen amount total 20 screen in 2 location
  4. Movies comes from America, Europe, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and Hongkong
  5. Has a member card
  6. Movie schedule can be viewed everyday in Kompas, or through SMS and web
21 Cineplex
  1. Almost in all over Indonesia approximately 30 cities
  2. Cafe facility, playing area, 1 food outlet, 2 counter for ticket, specially in Jakarta has a Club and XXI Lounge
  3. Total 300 screen in 50 location
  4. Movies are comes from America and Asia (Indonesia, Hongkong, India)
  5. No member card
  6. Movies schedule can seen in Suara Pembaruan and web

source: swa magazine

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