Sunday, April 20, 2008

Del Piero: Close to a great result

The Champions League with Juventus and getting a call-up for the European Championships: these have been Alessandro Del Piero's seasonal objectives for months. Along the way, with each passing Sunday, and with each goal, the Captain has found another one: the League top scorer award. He's scored 17 so far in the League (his Serie A total is 151!), one less than Trezeguet and two less than Borriello, currently in top position.Del Piero keeps making the difference, even at 33, keeping all Juve fans very happy indeed: «We're very pleased. Thanks to this win we really are very close to achieving a great result. We're almost there, we only need to keep focused a little longer and it would mean a lot to us, for all that we've done. I'm obviously happy about my own performance, I always work to do the best I can and sometimes I succeed, like today, other times I don’t».


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